Yes, I know. These watches used to be €3,000. Let’s get past that already, it isn’t 2005 anymore. The perfect replica Rolex Submariner 14060 watch is one of the most worth having 1:1 replica Rolexs. A no-nonsense divers watch. You might prefer the 4-liner Submariner (14060M) or perhaps even the one with a date cyclops (16610), but this Sub 14060 is a proper tool watch. I don’t like the Sub Date 16610 personally, and I much prefer either its sibling with no date or the Sea-Dweller 16600 (or 16660).

Black Dial Fake Rolex Submariner 14060 Watch

It is not as bulky as the later 114060 (which I had till recently) or even the slimmed-down new 124060 in 41mm. Compared to those, this Submariner 14060 can be considered elegant, but still badass. This watch has Rolex caliber 3000, non-chronometer movement, and comes on the famous Oyster bracelet. It has all the important ingredients, except for the green Rolex box and flimsy Rolex certificate.

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